Smart Water Technology for a Sustainable Future

Numerical Min∂s is dedicated to building integrated smart technology solutions for the water industry on cloud-hosted platforms. Extensive hands-on experience in clean water supply, distribution and leakage management allows us to integrate our knowledge of digital technologies with human factors and manual processes to build solutions that work for real water assets in the physical world.


Envisage & Conceptualize

We envisage new use cases for solutions tailored to the water distribution industry's challenges, starting with building analytical tools and processes that enhance the return on investment (ROI) of leakage detection technologies.


Build & Integrate

We integrate analytical tools and smart technologies, such as GIS, network modeling, machine learning, signal processing as containerized solutions that work together seamlessly on cohesive cloud-hosted platforms.


Analyze & Discover

Integrated smart solutions on a unified platform enable the discovery of new insights with holistic analytical processes that feed back results in continuous loops of monitoring, self-learning and optimization.


Deliver & Deploy

With extensive field experience in water supply and distribution, we deliver solutions and processes that incorporate the human factor for practical applications of smart technologies in the real world.


Numerical Min∂s

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